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Solution to Real World Problem

Expand your Counter

Free up counter space and make room for the fast sellers and high margin items

Mounted Lottery Display

Free up counter space, display more lottery tickets, and sell more impulse items

Remote lottery display

Display lottery tickets any where in the store, so customers can decide before coming to the counter for a speedy check out

Touch Screen Kiosk (coming soon)

Customers per-select their lucky tickets and draw games, so cashier can have it ready before coming to the counter

Lottery Management

Manage your lottery all in one place with inventory control, sales and activation, and theft reporting

Theft report (coming soon)

One touch theft report generation for lottery commission in case of breach

Recommended Activation (coming soon)

Let our AI recommended which games to sell, close out, and order based on smart analytical sales data

Reports and information

Quick access to sales, inventory, game-related, and lottery commission data

Quick Service

Visually and auditorily answer many commonly asked questions leading to decrease ring up time and increase service

Less Questions

Digitally answer top commonly asked questions: current ticket number, new, hot, ending, veterans, 2nd chance drawing, and in store drawing

Clear & Attractive

4K digital display provides clean visual graphics for easier decision making

Voice Interaction

Customers can interact with the lottery bot to get answers and information

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