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How Retailers Can Benefit!

Increase the lottery experience for players at your store and increase your sells!

customization features

Retailers Features:

Engage customers with these kool features.

Eye catching lottery display

Eye-catching lottery display

Our lottery display will make your customers go ah, woo, whoa, ooo, jaw drop, and much more.

Increase brand

Increase brand loyalty thru winner display

Show off your store winners and attract their friends and neighbors.

Show new tickets

Show new tickets to increase sales

Our smart display will show new tickets automatically. You know lottery players want to play new tickets as the chance to win on these tickets are higher.

Informative to give customers better choices

Informed customers have higher chance to win, which in return make them more like to play at your store.

Auto sort
Auto-sort to states plan-o-gram to increase sales

You know the State Lottery Commission recommends how to set your scratch off tickets? Yes, they have a researched layout that can help increase sales.

Offer loyalty program
Offer loyalty program

Offer players second chance drawing, second chance store drawing, and chance to win prizes from us (Lottery Display).

Show lottery selection online
Show lottery selection online

(coming soon)

Display anywhere
Display anywhere with the digital display (gas pump, key locations in the store)

Our display is portable and digital so you can place it anywhere.

Lottery Dashboard
Lottery Dashboard for Lottery display management

One place to manage all features (sales, inventory, ads, winners, and promotions).

Anti Theft
Anti-theft, easy reporting to Lottery Officials

If your lotteries was every stolen you can use our back-end to get the information you need to create a report.

digital lottery display
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Digital Revolution is Coming!

Be first to capture loyal lottery players and be the talk of the town. Join the revolution and take your lottery sales to new levels.


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